Kids & Bugs

I love watching the kids discovering Bugs. They have no barrier. As long as it is good. They will enjoy eating.

I never (or almost never) had problem to have my kids try new thing.

Perhaps it is because they lived in many different countries.

Perhaps because we have friends all over the world.

Or perhaps food is very important to us.

I will not tell you that I never took them to KFC. I did.... but well this is trying too.

But I also took them to Ethiopian restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Omani, Lebanese, Indian, Japanese etc etc etc.

When we travel, we can go to a fine restaurant but more often we go and try street food. You see where I'm going. We went to Thailand, and even though they were small they try few bugs. Today they can't remember. I guess it gave them the open mind they have today

When I brought crickets for the first time few years ago my son was very excited. He wanted to prepare them with me. Cool father and son's activities. We added to the crickets curry leaves and powder, garlic, onion, galangal. We fried them. As we were doing all that i was checking him out. I don't think I saw any fear or disgusts. His sister definitely, she didn't want "Not cool". She's 16 and I have a good survival instinct. I didn't push her.

My son went in. old style, like peanuts, fingers first. He really enjoyed it. He actually almost finished the plate. I had to stop him to share with his sister and cousins. I was a lucky dad and he kept couple for me. If you have kids you know it's an exploit.

Few years down the ligne and with the opening of crick&Sens I asked him if I could publish this video. He said yes and here we are

One french thing with food is that it should bring people together. This is exactly what entomo food is doing. With a twist of excitement

By the way my daughter since has turned vegetarian. She still eats fish. At the beginning I insisted for her to eat bugs to get her share of proteins.

It is now natural for her

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