Diner de Gala

At Crick & Sens we have an extensive experience for the organization of all types of Gala Diners.

Our Founder Chef Laurent Schneider has over 30 years experience in luxury hospitality.

He has organized exclusive events with President Bill Clinton, Chancellor Angela Merkel, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, World Bank director and many more.

He has also organize concert for Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Akon, Ludacris etc. with  up to 20,000 Guests.

Over the years we have created many Michelin

star level recipes.

All of them using bugs as one

or more

of the ingredient

Check this one out!

Tartar of Salmon Gravlax drizzled with cricket
tapenade with lemon Caviar


Black Angus fillet served with sweet and sour mango
and passion fruit sauce drizzled with cricket and snail
portobello mushroom


Brittany Palet served with roasted peach enhanced
with chocolate mint and mealworm




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